Cost Effective Lifting Solutions for the Construction Industry

Heavy lifting is required in many industries, and none more so than construction, and as a tall structure takes shape, lifting is a daily requirement. Steel roofing sections do not need to be built on site, as the sections can literally be lifted into position and bolted together, which saves valuable time, and then there are very heavy items, such as generators and power plants which need to be carefully lowered into position.

Mobile Cranes

These have really made a difference to the building industry, as heavy items can now be lifted in tight environments, which, up until a few years ago, was impossible. With an experienced operator, the modern mobile crane can be very useful, often saving many hours of manpower by lifting precisely. There are affordable crane companies in Perth that hire out a range of the very best makes at affordable rates, and they can be found with a simple online search, and once you have made contact, they can offer advice on any aspect of heavy lifting, and with online booking facilities, the right crane will be on-site and waiting when the load arrives, which ensures there are no costly hold ups.

Instant Hire When you Need It

It makes absolutely no sense to have an expensive crane sitting around for hours, and with the right provider, you can be sure the crane is only present for the short time it is needed. This will save considerable amounts, and this will be very noticeable as you approach the end of the contract. For the small builder, having the ability to book a crane at a minute’s notice is invaluable, as you never know what might be around the corner.

Fully Insured Operations

No matter what the load, the hire company would be fully insured, and this is a must have when lifting heavy equipment, and even though the driver-operators would be fully qualified and experienced, things can go wrong, and it is essential to have adequate cover for any situation.

Online Booking

For a busy construction site manager, the ability to call in a crane at any time is a valuable asset. There might be an unexpected delivery that arrives in the early hours of the morning, and as soon as this is known, you can simply make an online booking, and you can do this using your smartphone or tablet. Digital connectivity has enabled many businesses to become more efficient, and from a site manager’s point of view, hiring a crane has never been easier. If you forge an alliance with an established provider, they can handle all of your lifting needs, and with affordable and flexible rental packages that suit the customer, heavy lifting services are now affordable.

The average heavy lifting contractor can handle up to 500 tonnes, and with a range of quality cranes, they will have something that is perfect for the job. For more complex assignments, the hire company would first send someone to survey the site and collate data that enables them to calculate lifting outcomes.

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