2019 Santa Fe: The Practically Redesigned SUV from Hyundai

When the popular mid-size two-row crossover from Hyundai arrived with its 2019 edition, people were already knowing that it is the same Santa Fe that has now got a redesign done for betterment of the vehicle.

Design for the Exterior

At the Riverside Hyundai dealer the new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe stood with more confidence with its SUV features that has increased than it used to be. The hood gets longer with a more uprightly positioned windshield, while the trimmer front decides to overhang a bit. The front end is given a squinting daytime running lamps. But what catches the eye is the prominent grille that would remind you mostly of egg cartons. If we talk about exterior dimensions, then the new Santa Fe is observed to be grown by 2.6 inches in its wheelbase and 2.8 inches in its overall length.

The overall impression you get from its exterior look is much bolder than its earlier version, thanks to the upright position of the grille that is now rightly accented by a bar of chrome and the LED lighting elements that gets slit up at their tips. The sides look curvaceous replacing the monotony of just being a plain metal slab, while the rear side with a concave shaped tailgate looks much sharper this time. The LED taillights too get extended and all this make the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe a visually appealing SUV from any angle you look at it.

Interior Look and Feel

Inside, the 2019 Santa Fe offers you enough room for each of the five passengers. The rear seats too can slide fore, aft and can be reclined. Everywhere you feel the cabin to be spacious, thanks to the almost flat floor that makes more room for all the three-across seating accommodation. To make the getting in and out of the car easier, the door openings are granted more width and that is a boon for elderly or obese passengers.

The A-pillars are kept thin for better visibility while the door-mounted side mirrors help the driver get a quick glance of the rear sides. The central touchscreen comes with a menu that follows logic and the second display screen that is placed within the instrument cluster shows the necessary information with crystal clear graphics and icons.

The cabin makes an interesting collage of multiple textures, the seats are more supportive to provide comfort through long hours of rides, while a headliner fabric with a posh sofa material adds to the luxury. The door panels are embossed with artistic geometrical patterns. The Riverside Hyundai experts say that, Hyundai has put a lot of effort to bring a higher level of refinement in every ride of Santa Fe. Whether it is about reducing the external noise, the uneasy vibration or harshness, it is a success story that makes it counted among the premium vehicles.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is designed with a purpose of mixing luxury with practicality. This redesign did bring the crossover from Hyundai the desired effect by making it more profitable in the marketplace.

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