7 Signs Why You Should Invest in LocoNav’s Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking Systems have been all the rage in the vehicular industry nowadays, and there’s a huge reason behind it. Vehicle Tracking Systems in India have become the ultimate cost cutting methods for fleet owners and individuals alike.

You may be wondering: Why should I get into Car Tracking Systems and what are the Best GPS Trackers for Cars? We can’t give you a solid answer to this, but this article is going to showcase some signs. And if you relate to these signs, we’d advise you to invest in your own Vehicle Tracking System!

Sign #1- You’re spending WAY too much on fuel

 When you look at your fuel costs for the month, and find that it is costing you a hefty amount, it may not only be due to the inflation of prices in the market. There are many reasons as to why you may be paying too much for fuel, one being that your fuel is being stolen. If this is the case, it may not be your driver/employee only, but other people who’ve found a way to steal your fuel.

The Best GPS Trackers for Cars and other vehicles nowadays alert the owner when there’s a significant abnormal unauthorized decrease in the fuel levels. Secondly, there could be a scenario when your employee keeps you in the dark about the amount of fuel that’s actually being used by your vehicle, and even that can be tracked by a GPS device.

Sign #2- Your employees have issues handling, and are misplacing, records

If you’ve ever been stressed because your employees have misplaced important reports of trips, your solution is here! Car tracking systems create reports of trips that the vehicle travels on their own.

And these reports are also customisable, ranging from destination to a specific employee and even sometimes a specific route.

This would help in record maintenance and would only require saving reports at a certain file location, in accordance to your customisation, and you’re done! No more hassling with physical reports, which also have a risk of being tampered with. This risk is considerably avoided when you create your reports through these tracking devices.

Sign #3- You’ve previously had issues due to inefficient time management

Time is money. And if your customers are suddenly dissatisfied with the quality of your time management for your business, and you face complaints of late deliveries all the time, there are many features in Vehicle Tracking systems in India which might help you out.

The benefits range from features that can predict when a delivery will be made if you enter co-ordinates correctly, to features which even keep track of your deliveries and give you reminders for them!

Sign #4- When you have no cost cutting system already in place

Vehicle Tracking Systems could really come in handy to save your money. Obviously, as in any investment, you cannot expect immediate returns. But many studies have shown that over time, GPS Trackers for Cars and other vehicles turn out to be one of the best investments for fleet managers and people with vehicles overall.

Apart from the features stated above, GPS Tracking systems bring a lot more to your aim of cost cutting. Newer technology in GPS Vehicle Tracking also have options with which the software shows ideas to you on how to save money on your fleet.

Sign #5- Communication has become a big issue

If you have started to have problems with communication amongst your business, it could become a major cause of some of the losses your company may be sustaining. And if you’ve tried sorting it out, and it’s not working (even communication amongst employees themselves), a Vehicle Tracking system may smoothen things up, relieving some employees off their stress. It also gives you an avenue to figure out what’s going wrong with your current methods of communication.

Lack of good communication amongst employees and employers is one of the major reasons that companies fail at their business, and to rectify that, vehicle tracking systems could come to your rescue several times!

Sign #6- When you think you’re paying too much for overtime work (And other tasks in general)

Often, employers seem to think they’re paying their employees way too much for work which is out of their normal routine. If your case is the same, it could be that your employees have tampered with reports and working hours more often than you know.

With the reports made by Vehicle Tracking Systems in India, you can check overtime hours with one click of the button. This saves your buck, along with your employees getting the hint that they cannot further tamper with records. And if you still find employees tampering with details, you should be questioning yourself if at all you should be trusting them with your business.

Sign #7-Managing your system has become too much of a hassle

If managing the business you’ve put so much hard work into has suddenly become tiring and a hassle, you should rethink the methods you are using.

And if running your business operations has become too problematic and tiring for any of the above reasons, maybe it’s also time to rethink the people you’re working with and the system softwares that you’re using. Many a times, employers have a hard time letting go of old softwares and methods due to having faith in them. But if your current methods aren’t working, it’s high time to look for another option, and we suggest Vehicle Tracking systems in India, as a solution.

Tired of these 7 signs? We have a one-stop solution for you that we highly recommend: LocoNav. With their state-of-the art technology, LocoNav has effectively changed the face of logistics and transportation in India with their efficient vehicle tracking system and fleet management solutions. By utilising Telematics, LocoNav can assist you in all your tracking needs: an investment that comes with excellent returns!

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