A Complete Guide About Your Motorcycle Maintenance

Being the motorbike owner, motorcycle maintenance is your true responsibility. If you wish for a smooth ride always, you need to put in hard yards to take care of various elements of the motorcycle, covering both the interior and the exterior details. Doing so, will not only set up the best on-road experience but also help you stay clear of the hefty repairing bills. In addition to that, by keeping your two-wheeler in the best shape, you can get a good second-hand price if you plan to sell it off in the near future. Here, in this post, we list the top tips to follow for the through maintenance of the motorcycle-

Regularly oiling

Just as oiling is vital for the good health of our hair, similarly, see for the oil present in the engine. Ideally, it is recommended to refuel the oil, after 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres ride. It also depends upon the make and model of bike. One thing to note in here, in the summer days, the oil is used up quickly, however, in winter, the oil is less required. So, for the smooth working of your motorcycle, good oiling is vital for the through maintenance.

Maintenance of the Brake Pads

Now, coming to the next big thing, which is the brake pads; as a rule of thumb, if they become thinner in size, then you need to replace it. This is crucial to safeguard you and your family from any possibly on-road threat. Use only authentic 1972 Norton Commando parts for the best performance of the vehicle.

Lube to make the engine run smoothly

Lubrication is essential for the efficient operation of the bike. In accordance with your bike make and model, lubing of different parts of the bike is important. Ideally, it is best if you check the bearings once in a weekend. You can also take your motorcycle to the garage if you notice any problem.

Pay attention to the chain of the motorcycle

The motorcycle maintenance also involves the chain is running smooth. Remove the slack, if it is present that the motorcycle will not work efficiently. Further, lubing the chain is another tip to keep in mind.

See for the spark plug

Has spark plug accumulated dirt? You need to check for your motorcycle’s spark plug and clean it regularly if you ignore this, the dust will cause corrosion. Do the clean job once in a week, it is to deter it from getting worn out, so, when you conducting your bike’s inspection, don’t over the spark. However, one thing to note in here is that, allow the engine of the bike to cool down for a few years before you do the cleaning of the spark plug.

At the end of it all, from the above, you probably got a clear-cut idea for the maintenance of the motorcycle. Also, it is recommended to do the cleaning of the air filters, pay close attention to the motorcycle battery, support the tires in the right shape, and much more.

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