A Guide to Choosing a Car Transportation Company

Many vehicle owners in the UK may find the need to transport their car or motorcycle to a place in Europe, without actually driving through the continent itself. Petrol costs and unfamiliar driving patterns and road signs make driving on the continent hazardous and expensive. Having your vehicle transported to its destination – whether it is a classic car show, an overseas dealer or buyer – will save you so much in fuel costs, time, directional knowledge and even a need to change headlight colours to orange (as demanded in France), that you will be glad you went for choosing a car transportation company.

Most vehicle transport carriers will cover any size vehicle, but if you have a camper or road home vehicle, it would be very wise to check if the carrier can accommodate the move. You will need to look for a car transportation company that’s open 24 hours a day.

There may well be times when your vehicle arrives at its destination a little late, following an unseen delay on the road network. You will need a company that provides telephone support and immediate updates as to where your vehicle is and why it might be delayed. The company also needs to be fully insured too.

You need to go Local

Finding a car transportation company that is based a long way from your vehicle’s current location is to be avoided. The business will invariably charge you a mileage rate to travel from its base to you, and that’s a cost you’ll end up having to bear before the carrier has even arrived to collect your vehicle.

This is why you need to look local. Search parameters should be focussed within a 40-mile radius of where your vehicle is, as this will stop the carrier from charging excess travel costs added in by just getting from its depot to your home or business.

If the vehicle is a classic car that needs moving or even just your pride and joy Mustang, you will need assurances that the carrier can provide car and special attention when moving the vehicle.

Check the Fleet

Most reputable vehicle carriers will have images or description of its fleet. You should expect to see transporters like twin deck transporters, flat-bed trucks and 4-ton low loaders. The fleet descriptions are usually displayed on the carrier’s website along with clear images the customer can browse through.

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