Acquire your dream luxury car through Jidd Motors in Illinois, United States

Do you want to have an Audi? How about a Porsche? A Mercedes Benz? These cars are easy to say but hard to obtain. Their prices are quite expensive and hard to acquire. However, you can try some luxury cars for sale at Jidd Motors. The car dealer is selling pre-owned type of luxury cars such as Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini and other luxury cars. They have their own showrooms for Domestic, Asian, Europeans imports. Just pay a visit and choose the car of your choice.

Acquiring car at Jidd Motors

Jidd Motors has its own showrooms in Des Plaines, Illinois. They have Domestic, Asian and European types of car imports to choose from. Upon reaching the site,a sales staff will accompany you and assist you while inside the showroom. Jidd Motors aims for the best experience of pre-owned luxury cars and best accomodation while acquiring it.

Once you chosen your car, you can usually pay it as cash or by cheque. Aside from paying cash, you can also choose by car financing. Through car financing, luxury cars for sale are bought through terms and installment basis. The company has a wide variety of lenders who can help you in purchasing your dream car. You will be assisted by a sales representative until you got your car financing. For more information, you can check the website for estimated monthly payments of your desired car.

If you’re far away, you can check their inventory through the internet and got it shipped to your location. Jidd Motors offers FREE shipping for all customers within 50 miles of the vicinity. However, you can still get your dream car by paying the designated shipping fee. The ordered car will be delivered right on your doorstep by the company’s sales representative.

Other services offered

Aside from pre-owned luxurious cars, Jidd Motors also offer car maintenance, car parts and other car repairs. Their certified technicians do maintenance such as change oil, emission, brakes, repairs, aircon repairs, replacement of batteries, visibility, check engine light and other car related jobs. You can also buy some car parts when you need to replace or change on your car.

In addition to the services offered, they offer Concierge wherein it allows potential client to travel to Jidd Motors. The car dealer will assist customer from the booking of their flight until the chosen car is delivered to their place. This service costs $120- $140 which includes all the necessary assistance such as; booking a flight, hotel accommodation, limousine pick up, restaurant reservation and other desired assistance you need.

If you want to know more about their luxury cars, you can catch them through their website.

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