An Expert’s Guide To Buy The Best Car Seats And Capsules

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs that can fill up all the parents with loads of emotions. However, child rearing or parenting is the process of supporting and promoting the social, physical, financial, intellectual and emotional development of a kid from infancy to adulthood. As a responsible parent, they have to focus on number of aspects while buying anything for baby.

It takes deep vision to understand what their baby needs and what actually suits them. Parents are much more safety conscious. Though, their next troublesome question is, how to manage baby while travelling or visiting malls or any stores? Don’t worry mummas, your problem will be solved by a simple & easy purchase of Maxi Cosi Capsule and car seats which deliver due care with comfort to your adorable one. But before making any purchase just follow this guide.

Basically, the child restraint depends on the size and age of the kid but a general guide is as below :


Infant Car Seats

An infant restraint is mostly referred to as a baby capsule, and it is belted into the car in a rear facing position. A baby capsule can be easily removed from the car and it can be carried like a basket with baby inside. They are suitable for the babies from the birth to 9kg.

Convertible car seats

A convertible restraint is a car seat which can be set in a tilted rear facing position for baby right after the birth then changed to an upright front position with baby’s growth. A convertible car seat doesn’t have a handle like a baby capsule and can not be carried around with the baby inside.

Front Facing Car Seats

A front facing child restraint sits in a front and upright position and it is suitable for children from 9kg to 18kg or around 6 months to 4 years old.

Booster Seats

Booster seats are made up to boost your child to a level where the lower part of an adult safety belt crosses the pelvis, not around a tummy. They are suitable for children from 14 – 26kgs or around 4 to 7 years old.

How much will a car seat cost and from where to buy?

Just like any other piece of baby equipment, child restraints differs greatly in price depending on the brands. Thus, you should shop around to buy the best one that you can afford. If you want to buy baby capsule then it may cost around $150 to $350. You’ll get convertible car seats around $250 to $600. Booster seats are available in the range between $90 to $200 and front facing car seats are in between $250 to $600.

You can make a purchase of child restraints from all the big department stores and baby’s special shops, plus there are also some good online sources from where you can make a good purchase. Make sure you do your own homework first and before you commit to a purchase, then check out the type of seat you are buying in real life. It is needful to make sure that your seat fits correctly in your car before you buy.

Before making any purchase, the very first thing to keep in mind is, be aware of safety standards when you choose to buy or hire a baby capsule. However, the baby capsule you use should conform to the most recent safety standards. It can be easier to feel confident that a new baby capsule adheres to all the current standards.

At last, you should consider all the above-described guidelines before buying car seats or capsules. However, safety should be the priority, you should think about your baby’s safety and comfort. Have a happy ride!

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