Are windshields tempered glass?

Are windshields tempered glass? Or laminate? Which is better? Next we will discuss about these two auto glass.

The tempered glass windshields

The tempered glass windshield is the strengthened safety windows that made from chemical procedure and have stronger quality than standard windshields. The windshield is created with very high heat and cool in very quick for reinforce the material. The high temperature creates the equilibrium from the inside structure from the glass.  With this strength, when the car is destroyed, or involved in accident, then the material will going to fall apart as small cube rather than sharp edges. These small cube types is considerably as it can lead less major trauma in accident as it not result sharp edges such as in standard windshields.  This type of tempered glass windshields usually put as back glass and side Windshield Repair panes.

The tempered glass windshields can be 4 to 5 times sturdy from ordinary glass pane but it has same thickness. With the fact of the fractured objects are not edges sharp and jagged, the windshield replacement in tempered glass is included as safety glass.

Laminate windshields

Laminate glass is a safety glass that comes from pieces of polyvinyl butyral. The material is layered and the layered inside keep the glass panes alongside one other even when the material is fractured. In this laminate windshields, there is spider web cracking look when there is direct hit comes to the glass. The polyvinyl butyral also isolate sound and block up sun radiation till 99%. This glass is resilient and will flex before it split.

The laminate is not as tough as tempered glass. The purposes from laminated glass panes are the impact rating, instead of the tempered glass. The windshields in front should be strong enough for against smacks from street debris and dust, and protect passenger from ejected in case in collision.

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