Common Mistakes When Dealing with a Scrap Metal Business

Scrap metal prices can vary depending on the market, so it is important to know who you are dealing with when selling your scrap metal. You want to make the most of your dealings and avoiding some common mistakes when selecting a scrap metal dealer will help you get the best price for your haul.

Here is a list we’ve compiled to help you choose the best possible scrap metal dealer.

Avoid a Scarp Yard with a Bad Reputation

Just like in any industry, there are con artists and dishonest business owners waiting to rip you off and take some of your hard-earned cash, unfortunately, this also exists in the scrap metal business. So, you must take some time to weed out the bad apples and find a reputable company who can offer you good prices on your scrap metal. If you are selling scrap metal in Perth, prices are very reasonable for business owners who arrive at scrap yards with both large and medium consignments. It is vital that you deal with a company who appreciate your custom and don’t treat you like a cash cow, they should respect your business and offer you reasonable prices on your scrap metal.

Know Your Metals

If you don’t take some time to understand the type of scrap metal you have brought to the yard, you could easily get conned and paid far less than what you should have received. You may be under the impression that you have an expensive haul, but when you arrive at the scrap yard, an employee could tell you otherwise, and with no knowledge of metal, how would you be able to question them. For example, you may have a large consignment of insulated cable, and you’ve been informed that a scrap metal dealer will pay a lot of money for this type of substance, but once you arrive, they tell you its another type of wire which doesn’t sell for near as much as you would have expected. If you’ve no knowledge, it is a lot easier to get tricked and part with an expensive load for a lot less than you should have. You should also inquire about preparation, some yards like to have the metal in a certain condition before you arrive at their premises.

Separate Materials Before You Arrive

You should take some time to separate your scrap metal before you arrive at the yard, scrap metal dealers won’t allow you to just dump all your haul on their premises and begin organising it into different piles. It takes up space on their yard and delays other customers who have already divided up their consignments. Furthermore, you’ll lose money, because your load will be classified at a low grade.

The information above is designed to help you get the most for your scrap metal when you arrive at a scrap metal dealer, there are also several other common mistakes that people make when trying to sell their consignments. It is important to do some research and have a little knowledge of scrap metal grades, and the price each item should go for.

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