Do You Want to Scrap Your Commercial Vehicle or Auto

If you are seeking professional car breakers that also specialise in metal recycling, review the services in your area that provide car breaking services as well as recycling. That way, you can choose from one of two options. You can have the yard collect your car or commercial vehicle or you can deliver your auto or commercial vehicle for recycling.

Highlighted Services

Qualified scrap car services in Hinckley that offer recycling feature the following:

  • Immediate payment for the vehicle you deliver to the recycling yard
  • Payment that is paid by the vehicle or the weight of the vehicle being recycled
  • Payment for MOT-failed vehicles, write-offs from wrecks, and end-of-life vehicles (ELVs)
  • Top prices paid for scrap commercial vehicles, cars, and vans

What is nice about using this type of service is the fact that you are repurposing metals that otherwise would be buried or go to waste. That is why you need to locate a car breaker that is committed to recycling and sustainability. Doing so will provide you with rewards that go beyond receiving payment for the metal.

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Take time now to review your local options in this respect. If you have a car that is non-runnable or a commercial vehicle you do not plan to use, you need to locate a car breaker that can pay you for the scrap metal from your vehicle. Make sure you that work with a company that is registered with an environmental agency and that it de-pollutes and drains any vehicles received of harmful substances. Issuance of certificates of destruction should be a standard practice.



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