Genesis Cars: The Symbol of Class and Personality

Are you in search of the best available car buying experience, when you are in Corona? Corona Genesis Dealer extends a warm welcome to all the car enthusiasts to have a rich and amazing car experience here. The car with the amazing blend of performance, style and luxury, Genesis has it all. If you’re really not aware of the brand, check out here to know about it in detail. Once you understand the features properly, make your decision to buy it.

The Perfect Combo of Comfort and Luxury

The Genesis Company is known for its creativity in manufacturing cars with perfect combination of comfort, style and luxury. This newly founded car brand is doing its best to make a firm grip in the luxury car industry. It is known for its high technology, comprehensive equipped features, composed and comfortable Sedan style.  The touchscreen infotainment coupled with Android Auto and Apple Car Play is yet another addition to the Genesis brands.


Yet a major advantage of these sports Sedan cars is that they are available at a bargain price, which is extremely affordable. You can now own the perfect stylish luxury sports car at a very economical price.


This sports car flaunts its features in such a way that it imparts a superb athletic experience to the drivers. The supple ride of the G80’s provide a comfortable driving to the individuals. The bumper, headlamps, adaptive suspension, refreshing front grill, the new wheel design are some of the features, which add to the classy sporty appearance of the cars. Beside these, the interior decor of the cars, which include the speaker grilles, analog clock, wood trims, sport seats leather wrapped, shift knob and an extra USB port are some of the interesting interior car decor of the Genesis models.

Classy Exterior Appearance

Not only the interior decor of the cars, the exterior appearance o the cars is such that it provides a sporty appearance to the vehicles. The unique exterior finishes of the car adds a touch of glamor and uniqueness to the cars.

Safety Features

The Genesis cars are also provided with proper safety and braking system. This includes the forward collision system of braking, which acts as an important feature to manage the safety and security of the passengers and the driver as well. The car is also provided with facilities of airbags, child seats with proper latch points and spare tire compartments as well.

Support Team

The team of experienced customer service professionals provide an amazing customer experience. They are highly committed and dedicated to find out the perfect car for you and assist you in selecting the correct finance options for you based on your requirement. Thus, the support team provides ample opportunity to the customers to go through the various options in detail and make the right choice accordingly.

Thus, these are some of the essential unique features of the Genesis cars, which make it one of the interesting brand of cars in this sector for the last few years. Approach the Genesis dealer now and explore the features to experience the quality based value of the cars.

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