How Can Telamatics Help You Drive Safely

Telematics is a way to keep a constant watch on assets like vehicles. It’s impossible for one to be physically present just to make sure nothing happens to the vehicle. This is where telematics comes in and does its part. Fleet Telematics is basically a GPS based monitoring system which records all types of movements of the vehicle on a computerized map. 

What is telematics? Assume that a highly intelligent device that detects and assess everything about your vehicle and sends detailed reports about it constantly. From things like speed, fuel use, tire pressure, until the emission, everything will be under constant monitoring. By receiving such information on a regular basis, the cost of taking your vehicle every now and then to get it checked is unnecessary. The amount of money that is spent on maintenance on a monthly basis reduces. All this describes the universe of telematics which is also known as GPS fleet tracking. 

A telematics device called the ‘black box’ is plugged into the OBD-II device and records all of the information of the vehicle. A sim card and a modem are pre-installed which provides the network for communication. All the data will be collected on something which works like a smartphone or an onboard diagnostic port, and then the black box will transmit all the information to the insurance company or to the owner’s mobile phone to which the device will be registered to. 

How is telematics benefitting? 

  • Telematics helps insurers with better segmentation of customers by assessing the risks with precision. 
  • It helps in estimating the damage from the accident accurately 
  • It reduces fraud claims by analysing the driving data. 
  • The black box will have an e-call system which helps locate the vehicle if it has met with an accident or has broken down. 
  • As this device is always switched on, if in case the vehicle crosses a border, then the owner will be notified immediately. 
  • It records the speed at which the car is driven at 
  • It monitors the behaviour of the driver 
  • It will be known whether the driver or the owner is driving the vehicle 
  • The device captures the time of the day when the vehicle is being driven 
  • The total distance travelled by the vehicle will be recorded 
  • Real-time navigation is provided 
  • Roadside assistance is ensured 

Installing the telematics technology in every vehicle also comes with another benefit. It reduces a percentage on the vehicle insurance and also obtains proof of the before and after shots of an accident. A lot of estimation is made by this device which ensures safety and security. The device is linked to the owner’s mobile and they will be receiving all the notifications regarding their vehicle. 

The safety of the vehicle such as trucks in India is sometimes taken for granted. Servicing isn’t done and the maintenance will not be a priority. This is a really big mistake. Vehicles are part of our daily routines, we don’t get to a place without them. Which is why it is highly advised and really important to pay close attention to every minor detail of the vehicle just to be on the safer side. This can be done by using the telematics system. 

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