How Is the Health of Your Car Tyres

Good quality tyres that are in good condition are essential for any car. They allow us to drive safely, and they allow the car to move over just about any surface in a smooth fashion. The problem is that many car owners tend to forget about the health of their tyres.

Why Is Tyre Health So Important?

The fact is that poorly maintained or worn car tyres can be a serious safety issue. It’s important to at least visually inspect your car’s tyres regularly. This will give you a good idea of whether you need new ones, or if you need to fill them with air. The good news is that premium quality tyres in East Sussex are available from specialist companies, where they can be fitted professionally.

Here are a few ways in which your car tyres can affect your car and your safety while driving:

  • Air pressure: When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your tyres? Having the appropriate air pressure ensures that the tread wears evenly and that the ride is smooth.
  • Tread: What about the tread of your tyres? Wheels that are out of alignment or air pressure that is uneven can cause uneven wear on the rubber tread of the tyre. This can create bald spots and result in a serious safety issue.

Staying Safe on the Road

The fact is that our cars would not even move without tyres, and ensuring that they are in good condition means minimising the chances of an accident happening on the road. The next time you are about to get into your car, perform a thorough tyre inspection and don’t hesitate to call a local tyre specialist if there is a problem.


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