How to Buy New Tyres for Your Car

Replacing the tyres in your car is very important if you want to keep it running optimally. The outer surface of the tyre is the only part of the car that comes into contact with the ground, and it tends to wear out quickly. If you drive your vehicle on damaged or uneven roads, the tyres are going to wear out much faster. However, many people make mistakes when buying new tyres for their car, and are unable to choose the right type. Here are a few tips to help you buy new tyres for your car:

Tips for Buying Tyres

  • Always buy your tyres from a reliable tyre supplier in Torquay. Do not purchase them from small, obscure shops that only offer a limited selection. Keep in mind that you will get a warranty with every new tyre purchase as well.
  • Make sure you check the size of the tyres first before buying new ones. You have to make sure that you buy tyres that are appropriately size for your vehicle. The tyre size is also mentioned on the inside of the vehicle’s passenger doors.
  • Do not buy used tyres for your car, as you never know how much they have been driven.


The tyres will be fitted by the company’s installers and the wheels will be properly aligned afterward. Usually, the installation and alignment is completely free if you purchase new tyres for your car from the company.


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