How To Prevent Your Vehicle From Being Damaged While Towing

Have you ever been in a sticky situation where you needed the assistance of a towing company? If you have then you would know firsthand about what we are going to discuss next. The moment the tow truck arrives, hooks up your vehicle and raises its front wheels didn’t you have a dreadful feeling growing inside of you?

There is a strong reason for you to feel that much concerned about the safety of your vehicle. Towing service providing companies these days are sprouting up like mushrooms. On top of that, most of these companies don’t even know the proper procedures needed to tow a vehicle.

In such cases, your already engine-dead car can further sustain structural as well as electro-mechanical damage that would only create more grievances for you. To steer clear of such situations, it is best that you pay attention to the following sections.

Always go for the best service provider

Always pay attention to the overall reviews of the towing service provider. Never forget to thoroughly read the online reviews and testimonials of both recent and past clients of the company. Always make sure that the tow truck company you are about to hire has all the necessary paperwork needed to run such a firm. Be sure to pay attention to the vehicle the tow truck that arrives on the scene. A renowned Newcastle tow truck service provider has all the necessary business details on their vehicle.

Irrespective of the size of your vehicle, always order a flatbed tow truck

It is always best to call in for a flatbed tow truck for your vehicle. A flatbed tow truck, whether it is accessing your vehicle from the front or the back won’t be causing any harm to your vehicle’s base (axles to be exact) or its transmission. A flatbed tow truck is equipped with a winch that pulls in a disabled vehicle onto the truck’s flatbed. The vehicle will then be secured using straps or chains.

Such a secure and damage free towing condition won’t be provided by a wheel-lift or hook and chain tow truck. In such cases, your vehicle’s safety is at the mercy of the tow truck’s driver. If the driver is unable to tackle challenging road conditions or carefully maneuver tight spaces, your disabled car could easily sustain damages beyond repair.

Be sure to keep your vehicle in neutral gear

Veteran tow truck drivers have their own set of specialised techniques that they use when it comes to handling a disabled car. If you are around your disabled vehicle when the tow truck arrives, be sure to put your vehicle in neutral gear for optimal results. When put in neutral, the wheels of your car will roll freely which will exert a negligible impact on the vehicle’s drivetrain and later its engine. Even if you have ordered a flatbed tow truck, chances are high that due to uneven road conditions, your car will roll back and forth a little during transit, which is why it is best that you put your car in neutral gear.

It is clear that taking careful measures is the only way one can make sure that their car reaches the nearest service station without sustaining further damage. Be sure to carry out the steps mentioned in this blog to keep your vehicle and the motorists on the road safe.

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