Using a cover for your car will possibly work two ways, as they are both protective and sometimes damaging. When a cover doesn’t fit correctly, it could be more harmful than no cover at all. If it happens to be loose, it may result in scratching caused by wind flapping it against the sides. For a suitable fit, you should buy a custom fitted car cover.

The multipurpose unfitted covers are much cheaper, but they won’t offer the required secure fit protection. When the car is unclean, the dust on the bodywork will cause severe scratches as the cover gets moved around by the wind. The best way to avoid such problems is to put an excellent fitting car cover while the car is clean. Some possess a locking mechanism at the bottom which holds the bottom side of the cover entirely with the use of a cable. The latter is helpful against wind disturbance.

Rolling the cover over and off a car is an excellent way of placing and removing it. First, what you do is position the cover nicely on the car, but not fit under the car. Hold the driver’s side of the cover and roll it over the top of the car to the passenger side. You will notice that the roof is one-third of the cover and the sides are also one third each. You may then start folding the passenger section of the cover over the drivers. You may begin rolling from the trunk or the hood without having to move the cover at all. After that roll up the cover, while going around, this way scratching from too much movement gets minimized as the cover is removed. When putting back the cover, the same process is repeated only in reverse.

Car covers are cared for and maintained rather simply, mostly by cleaning them occasionally to avoid scratches caused by gathered dust. There are those annoying, tiny booklets people don’t like called manuals, which nothing seems to come without these days. Read your cover’s manual carefully to avoid unnecessary mishaps while washing. Check manufacturer’s instructions whether your cover is suitable to wash in the washing machine, if it may require strong or mild detergent and so on. Storing a cover, when wet would lead to not just wear but a host of other problems. When washed they ought to be dried first before they are placed on a car.

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