Learning More about ECU Remapping

To make sure you obtain more power when you drive, ECU (engine control unit) remapping helps. Newer vehicles today feature an electronic system that manages and controls fuelling. The system is run by an engine control unit, which is considered the brain of the engine.

How the ECU Directs the Engine

When you place your foot to the pedal, an ECU does the following:

  • Directs a specific amount of air and fuel for ignition purposes
  • Gives the turbo a boost, if the car displays this feature
  • Enhances performance, provided the car is remapped

Therefore, any company providing local engine tuning services in Mansfield will provide ECU remapping. This innovative features enables you to enjoy driving more and avoid any problems with performance. That is why it is important to use a service centre that bills itself as performance specialists. They will know exactly what it takes to remap your particular make and model of vehicle.

Unlock Your Engine’s Potential

When you have this type of service, it unlocks the potential of your engine. Not only can you experience power gains as much as 40%, but you also see optimisation in other areas. Usually, car manufacturers do not boost a car’s power when it comes off the assembly line. That is why you need to call a performance specialist who provides engine remapping services.

The service technician will take readings from the chip of the ECU before adjusting different parameters within the ECU software. These parameters cover boost pressure, fuel pressure, and control of the throttle pedal.

When you have this service done, you will experience more horsepower, increased torque, a quicker throttle response, and improved fuel consumption.



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