Make Sure That You Are Prepared For The MOT

Any car that is over three years old in the UK must pass an MOT test to ensure its roadworthiness. Therefore, you want to make sure that you pass the test so you do not have to re-test. Preparation is important if you want to realise good results.

What You Should Check

You also want to partner with a reliable mechanic who can guide you through any local MOT service in Bristol. A pre-MOT check should be performed so it covers the following areas:

  • General parts of the car: The components include the horn, windscreen wipers and washers, mirrors, and seat belts.
  • The tyres: Make sure that the tyres feature no cuts, bulges, or any objects that have become embedded in the tread. The tread should measure at least 1.6mm deep.
  • The lights: Lights often fail during MOT inspections. Therefore, make sure that the outside bulbs are in good working order and that each lens is free of defects or cracks. Headlights, rear and front side lights, front and rear fog lights, reversing lights, and indicators should all be operational.
  • Bodywork: This part of the car should be free of sharp edges.
  • Brakes: Check the fluid level.
  • Steering: Listen for any knocks or whines, which are warnings of wear.
  • Shock and absorbers: An excess bounding indicates worn dampers.
  • Exhaust: Make sure that no smoke is emitted as your car could fail the emissions part of the test.

Save Money and Time

As you can see, you need to make sure that a number of areas are in good shape before you have an MOT test conducted. However, this pre-check can help you save a lot of future troubles and repairs.

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