Negotiating Tips While Buying a New Ford Car from a Dealer

Are you going for a new Ford car from one of the best dealers? Wait! Get these tips in your mind before you negotiate for the best price package.

Nothing could seem to be more intimidating than buying a new car from a dealer. They are professional sellers, and as an individual you are not used to deal with buying a car every day. You could be at a dilemma on what to say and where to start from? But do not worry, here we are ready with a few negotiating tips that might help you find your dream car at the best price. An expert from Marion Ford shared his secrets which most of other dealers won’t want you to know.

Do Not Initiate the Topic of Payment

The dealer would always try to get the best price from you and so would you. But if you initiate the topic of monthly payment right at the beginning of the conversation, you would get drifted away from getting the real figure of the purchase price. If you overlook this issue, you might end up paying a big sum added to the actual price of the car.

They know the trick to make you baffled and confused so that you never get to know about the purchase price, as you were busy with the calculations of the monthly payment.

Don’t Hesitate to Walk Away

The bitter truth about winning a deal is that, the one who is less desperate wins. There’s no shame in accepting the fact, that a buyer is actually in a lesser desperate position, than the seller. While buying a car is optional and not an utmost necessity, selling is. So, there’s no harm in walking out of a bad deal rather than succumbing to the selling tricks of a dealer. Thus, it is needless to remind you, if you are not getting your dream car at the right price, you can always look for the next dealer. But for the dealers, not every moment a buyer is standing at their doorstep. So, if you can show the courage to walk away, tings will start flowing on your favor.

Ask Price from the Salesperson

It is a most common scenario, that the dealer would always ask the price you are ready to pay. But to play clever, turn the table round. Ask for his selling price instead. If it feels more, you can bargain it down, but if you say your highest price, the dealer would raise it still higher, though in reality, he might have been ready for a lesser figure.

Offer a Counter-Price

If coincidentally your price matches with that of the salesperson’s “best price”, it is always recommendable to speak out a few bucks lesser. Offering a counter price lesser than the dealer’s would automatically make some more room for negotiation the dealer would always have some more scope for the car’s price than you can imagine, which indicates the car could be available for a better deal than the recently discussed price. To be rest assured, it is not being shrewd, but just doing the right business. To get the best price for your Ford car visit Ford Marion.

Making the Final Deal

If most of the things went with a breeze and you are getting the car of your choice at an affordable price, do not get upset if small hitches start showing up. Do not walk away from the dealer for too nitty-gritty issues as rest could be settled later. Simply sign off the papers and drive the new car home.

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