Safety Features of 2019 Chevrolet Sonic

Safety has always been the primary focus of Chevrolet, and that is why we always find Chevrolet models to come with the latest possible safety features installed in them. The 2019 year model of Sonic is one burning example of Chevrolet model that protect its occupants with the most advanced safety measures. The team of experts serving the Roscommon Chevrolet dealer showed us the list that goes like this as mentioned below.

Four-Wheel Antilock Brakes

Chevrolet has installed in the 2019 Sonic Four-Wheel Antilock Brakes both for the front disc and the rear drum to reduce the lockup situations in the wheels while maintaining maximum control on the steering at the even of hard braking especially on the slippery roads.

Brake Panic Assist

With an electronic distribution of brake force, this feature helps in application of brakes with the correct pressure to save the driver from losing control.

Hill Start Assist

While driving on an uphill or downhill slope, and especially when your car is stationary on an incline slope, this feature helps in keeping the brakes engaged for a few seconds allowing you some time to shift from the brake pedal to the gas pedal and automatically releases the brake once you get ready to press the accelerator


StabiliTrak is the name of an electronic stability control system that comes with the feature of traction control system as well. This feature is used to enhance control on the steering automatically especially at the events when you need to maneuver its movements in an emergency situation. It does so by making some adjustments to the brakes in relation with the engine torque and gains control of the power that gets released from the engine by the transmission.

This system gets activated when the radar sensors present in your vehicle can detect a difference between where the driver intends to go and the direction in which the vehicle is currently moving. Once detected, it starts applying the required amount of brake pressure to each of the four wheels helping the driver take the vehicle back on its desired track. This feature works best on slippery road conditions as it includes an in-built vehicle stability enhancement system sensor to detect wheelspin.

Airbag System

A complete set of 10 airbags are installed in the 2019 Chevrolet Sonic to reduce the impact of accidents on human bodies. The airbags get inflated whenever the Passenger Sensing System detects a chance of collision and save the most vulnerable body parts from thumping against hard surfaces or from being violently jolted. These airbags are strategically placed at the front, near the knees, at the sides, and near the head.

Rear Vision Camera

The 2019 Chevrolet Sonic is equipped with a Rear-Vision Camera that catches the scenario at the back of the car and display the same on the center console screen to let the driver know what is there at the back. This feature helps the driver most at the time of reversing and parking when the car needs better maneuvering while moving at a lower speed.


But the expert team at the Roscommon Chevrolet dealership has a warning message for every Chevrolet Sonic driver, not to depend too much on these safety features and suggest them to apply their own driving judgement when the situation demands so.

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