Three Tips for Hiring a Vehicle

Whether you need to rent a van to move to another flat or a car to drive to your parents in another city, you need to make sure that the vehicle you hire is a good choice. Although most rentals are newer-model vehicles, problems can still occur. Here are three tips for hiring a vehicle for your needs.

Check Inclusions

When hiring a van or car, check what is included with the rate. Although some rental companies offer cheap rates, there could be hidden fees. Most rental companies charge fees for:

  • Turning in the vehicle late
  • Returning with less than a full tank of fuel
  • Bringing in a dirty car
  • Damaging the van’s interior while moving
  • Turning it in at the wrong location

Rental companies have different rules so you need to check the rental contract over carefully before signing it.

Learn Controls

Before completing a vehicle rental in Melksham, learn how to use the controls in the car or van if you’re unfamiliar with them. Having an agent show you how to turn on the lights and windshield wipers can avoid mistakes that can lead to accidents while driving.

Inspect Rental

When the agent moves around the vehicle to inspect it for damage, follow him or her and point out any scratches, dings, or dents that he or she missed. If you bring back a vehicle with a scratch or dent not accounted for, then you could be charged for the damage.

Hiring a van can help you save money while moving across town or the country.

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