Tips for cleaning catalytic converter

All the people who are using vehicle must know about the importance of cleaning the catalytic converter. The other most important thing is they must be aware of cleaning the converters at its best. There are different types of cleaners which can be used for cleaning the catalytic converter. Even though cleaning the catalytic converter is more important, many people are still unaware of the right way of cleaning it. This article is written in order to help the beginners to clean the catalytic converter in the most effective way. The beginners who have great question about how to clean your catalytic converter can make use of this article.

catalytic converter

Power spray

This is one of the most effective technique through which the catalytic converter can be cleaned easily without putting forth more effort. Especially if the catalytic converter is exposed to more grease and dirt, they can be cleaned perfectly only with the help of power spray. Once if the catalytic converter is exposed to this cleaning technique, they will resemble the look of a new catalytic converter. This means that the power spray technique will help in cleaning the converter at its best. Even the dirt with greater density can be easily removed through this method.


This is another common cleaning method which is being followed by many people in current scenario. It is to be noted that while coming to soaking the best improvised solution should be used for soaking the catalytic converter. There may be more number of solutions in the market. The users must make sure to choose the best among them. The converter must be soaked in the solution for few hours; so that the greasy substances present in it can be removed easily. After few hours of soaking, the converter should be properly cleaned with the help of a cloth. It is more important to use a spongy cloth which will not cause any kind of damage to the converter. Even though this process consumes little time, they will help in removing the dirt completely without any kind of compromise.

Tap and wipe

This is a method through the debris with greater density can be removed easily. In this technique the debris will be allowed to loosen up; so that the dirt in it can be removed without putting more strain. It is to be noted that a large cloth should be used for wiping out the dirt completely. In some cases, people tend to use a small tool in order to remove the dirt.

Apart from these there are several other methods which can be used for cleaning the catalytic converter. The best out of this method can be followed for better result.

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