What Must You Look for in A Luxury Motor Home

Are you planning to buy a pre-owned rig and embrace the RV lifestyle? But when it comes to a home-on-wheels, you’re taking a bigger bite into your finances even if you go for a used model. Therefore, it is imperative to know what you’re doing when looking for used motor homes for sale, especially the Class A RVs. While the price would greatly depend upon a rig’s condition, a Class A variety is sure to feature on the higher end of the price chart. So you need to be extremely selective about the features and choose the best out of them. Even dated Class A models come with all the luxuries of your home like entertainment systems, refrigerator, cooking space, stovetop, sink, shower, modern kitchen appliances, storage space, and more. Though these rigs are more compact than larger luxury vehicles, you can opt for slide outs to give you additional space. Here are a few things you should look for in a Class A motor home:

A Bigger Three-Way Refrigerator

RV-ing means living in comfort just like your home, and you would want to have access to all the right appliances.  A 3-way fridge will make all the difference to your RV lifestyle. You can choose to buy one or have it installed in the vehicle. These refrigerators will let you power the unit from various sources. When RV-ing, your situation may change depending on the place you are camping. This means that the power may come from an electrical hookup in a campground, RV battery, shore battery, or from your vehicle’s propane tank. A 3-way refrigerator proves extremely beneficial especially if you are dry camping when your batteries are likely to drain faster than usual.

When you are out in the market looking for a Class A rig, always choose a vehicle that comes with a full-size refrigerator. Do not go for a mini fridge as its smaller size limits how much food you can store inside it. A bigger refrigerator, on the contrary, lets you store more vegetables, fruits, and meat when you are on a long trip. Moreover, a standard RV fridge keeps all your food fresh and cold for a longer time than a mini one.

Side and Back Door Screens

Though many RVs have window screens, they may not have side and back door screens. Therefore, when investing in a Class A rig, make sure that it has proper door screens to keep mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects at bay. Remember that door screens are a necessity and not a luxury. Many models come with this feature to make your life more comfortable on the roads.

Nice Seating Area

Make sure that your RV has a proper seating area, for example, a powered sofa that converts into two twin beds. You may also include a bench and a table. A fully-powered couch serves two purposes without taking up more space. You can sit and chat with your family or friends during the day and use it as a bed to sleep at night. Many motor home models come with a swivel front seat, which can be used even when you are setting up the bed. There is nothing like it if your motor home has a seating area surrounded by windows to let fresh air and natural light bathe the interiors.

Buying a used motor home for sale is one of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy the freedom of an RV lifestyle without being overburdened with an extravagant purchase. Opt for a model that suits your budget and travel needs. Contact a dealer of used RVs so that you get to choose from many options before making the final call.


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