What You Need to Know About Getting an MOT Test for Your Vehicle

The MOT check is required for most vehicles. While you likely know that this test is required each year, there are a few details that are easy to overlook. Learn more about getting an MOT test for your vehicle to avoid penalties and keep your vehicle roadworthy.

Understand Which Parts Get Tested

The MOT check will inspect many important vehicle components. However, the test does not cover everything. The MOT test will not cover the basic mechanical condition of the vehicle. The engine, gearbox, and clutch are not part of the inspection.

The parts checked in the MOT test include the body and vehicle structure. The vehicle will be checked for signs of corrosion or damage to the body. Other areas examined include:

  • Fuel system
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Horn
  • Exhaust system
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Mirrors
  • Wipers and washers
  • Electrical wiring

Seatbelts, seats, and doors are also included in the check. Seatbelts need to be in good condition and work properly. These are just a small portion of the areas covered with a cheap MOT service in Hamilton. Review the official MOT inspection manual to discover everything that is tested.

Avoid Penalties for Driving a Vehicle with Defects

MOT certificates are valid for one year. Driving a vehicle that fails the MOT test can result in steep penalties and fees. If your vehicle fails the MOT test, you have several options:

  • Take your vehicle away for repairs
  • Leave your vehicle with the test centre for repairs
  • Arrange to have the vehicle fixed

If the vehicle is taken to the same test centre by the end of the next working day, you may not need to pay the MOT test fee again. If the vehicle is brought back within ten working days, you may be charged a partial fee. Both options save you money.


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