You and Your Vehicle: How to Mitigate Car Troubles Easily and Affordably

Whether you happen to be male or female, you undoubtedly wind up in the driver’s seat of a vehicle way too frequently. Estimates have shown that men in the UK drive for nearly 550 hours per year and women have their feet on the gas pedal for approximately 510 hours.

Getting Through All of These Driving Hours Unscathed

Getting a handle on the taxing rigors of vehicle ownership can cost a pretty penny, but you can get your act together and control costs by implementing some of the painless care methods diagrammed below:

  • Each car has a sanctioned tyre pressure based on its weight and wheel size, so find your car’s reference compendium, and make sure that your tyres are filled with the right amount of air to amplify the lifespan of the treads.
  • If the clamps on your battery are loose, you’ll experience electrical difficulties and other nuisances, so turn off the car and tighten those bolts for a flush fit.
  • Grab a tape measure, and make sure that your brake pads have more than a quarter-inch of meat left on their bones.

Another obvious (but often ignored) way to decrease the burden on your engine, brakes, and tyres is to remove all of the heavy items from your car, including mail packages, electronics, piles of clothing, and other things that don’t belong.

Most Importantly, Partner with a Trusted Technician

Nobody wants to squander tons of money on local car repairs in Guildford, but your community professional can deliver toll-free maintenance advice so that you can better project impending needs.

They can tell you how much longer your brakes will last, when to anticipate a tyre change, and a number of other advisory benefits, so go and see your local mechanic this week.



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